About Us

It’s our pleasure, through this profile, to introduce Teams Co. s.a.r.l., which is located in Beirut, Old Saida road, Dallas center, 4th floor and in Ainatha, Bint Jbeil, Hussein Samhat Building, ground floor.

Teams Co. s.a.r.l was founded in June 2010, and Eng. Mouin Hussein Samhat is the general manager and authorized to sign and Executive vice president Mr. Fadi Rizk.

Teams Co. is a contracting company specialized in all public works such as irrigation networks, potable water and sewerage networks and all kinds of civil works. In addition to road works, infrastructure and pavements’ border stones and tiles of all kinds. It was registered in Ministry of Finance for value added tax in September 18, 2011. Since its establishment, the company performs, as a certified contractor by Water Authority in Beirut & Mount Lebanon, reforming of faults and some water installations for the authority in Jbeil , Keserwan, and Metn. In July 2013, the company started reforming faults and some water installations for Water Authority in Southern Lebanon. Moreover, the company has won and executed 2 bids in Bekaa with the Water Authority in Bekaa. The first was the execution of water networks on demand, started in late 2013; the second was the supply of polyethylene pipes and fittings, also started in late 2013.

The company was classified, in 12/9/2011, as first class (except for tunnels and dams) – Table 3 – Grade A – Decree of “committee for classifying contractors”-water no. 195 in Ministry of Energy & Water, based on the companies experience in water works and due to the experience of Eng. Mouin Samhat of more than 18 years in water works, sewerage networks, water treatment plants, concrete water tanks, water towers, and other works requiring great experience in this field.
The company was also classified, in 13/8/2012, as 3rd class in execution of electrical works (except for generators power plants and power stations) – Table 4 – Grade A , and it was raised to the first class – Table 4 – Grade A  in 28/1/2015 .
In addition, the company was classified, in 19/9/2012, in 1st category-buildings in Ministry of Public Works, and 1st category – roads in Ministry of Public Works in 18/12/2014.

The company was classified, in 28/1/2015, as first class in drilling and searching for groundwater  –  Table 5 –  Decree of “committee for classifying contractors”-water no. 230 in Ministry of Energy & Water. In 20/4/2016 we got a license to participate in the army deals,from Lebanese Ministry of national defense to provide general contracting .Tools,manual and electrical tools, submersible pumps, electric panels.

We are ISO Certified check this link here to see the document